Sometimes there is too much to handle as a student. You have bills to pay, classes to attend, group work, part time jobs, relationships to handle,assignmentsto write and more studying to do. Every week you can be quite confusing. You might be a very organized person, but the pressure and the stress get to you at the end of the day. That is why you need an activity for yourself to clear your head. It does not necessarily involve visiting a shrink, counselor or support group. Participating writing challenges on websites like may be one of those things to get you off the edge.

            You just need to do something you love for a few hours every week. It could be swimming, watching a movie, visiting the salon, going shopping; that is if your budget allows, or anything else that you will enjoy. Before doing the activity, always take the time to think about what you have accomplished that week, how and if it is worth it. After that, as you get your well-deserved break, you will remember the reason and value for your hard work. That activity you do will also be a motivator in that you know it is something you will enjoy frequently doing when you have more money and time after your goals have been accomplished.